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Steps to Volunteer

If you're thinking of joining our volunteer base of trail ambassadors, that's great! We are always looking for dedicated volunteers such as yourself to join our ranks. The trail ambassador program functions on a core mission statement that drives the program forward.  

This page will help you understand the steps you need to take prior to becoming a certified trail ambassador for the Ride Smart program. If you need help at any time during the application process, please don't hesitate to contact our communication center at (920) 783-6728.

Before we can get you signed up, there are some rules that all of our ambassadors must follow. These rules are critical in keeping you and the other ambassadors safe, as well as maintaining a professionalism that we are proud of. The requirements are not much, but here is what you need to know before moving forward.

Now that we got the requirements out of the way, and if you're still reading, we have not lost you yet! Let's get this process started by working on your application. On the next screen, you're going to fill out your application. When you're done, you'll have to wait for an approval from our staff. We will need to verify you are who you say you are. Once that's complete, you will receive a welcome email from the web site. You can then log in, and line up your phone interview, read about our program and post comments / questions on our forum.

If you are new to the program and have no previously taken any of our courses, please click the button below to fill out an application.

If you have previously taken our trail ambassador course, please register by clicking the button below.